Police said two women were kidnapped in Oklahoma City before the suspect began a pursuit Monday.

One victim, Reponzel Rambo, said the whole ordeal was terrifying.

Early Monday, Reponzel's old acquaintance, Jacob Victor Thompson, burst into her home.

Police said Thompson pointed a knife at Rambo and her home health aide, holding them hostage.

Rambo said Thompson took her money and said he planned to buy a gun, but he needed to get some chores done first.

"We had to wait on him to take a shower and wash his clothes," Rambo said.

Police said the suspect then tried to disguise himself as a woman using Rambo's wigs and clothes.

According to police reports, Thompson then loaded Rambo and her home health aide, Delois Owens, into Owen's car, and headed toward the pawn shop.

A quick pit stop changed everything.

"He decided to stop in the liquor store and that's when Lois got the bat from under her seat and she bluffed him off. She told him she wanted a beer, but she doesn't drink," Rambo said.

Owens hit Thompson in the head with the bat hidden in her car, then ran into the liquor store to call police.

In the meantime, Thompson dropped Rambo back off at home.

Rambo said the suspect grabbed his laundry from the dryer and took off again, leading police on a chase.

The pursuit ended at I-44 and I-240.

Thompson was arrested by Oklahoma City police and faces numerous charges.