The Enid Police Department is looking for 2 suspects after a robbery to a local business.

On Thursday, January 2, Oakwood Bowl learned $25,000 worth of coins had been stolen from various gaming machines in the building.  Also, $10,000 worth of damage was caused during the break-in.

Sandy and Jim Tate have owned the bowling alley for 26 years. They said they’ve never had a break-in quite like this.

“It was devastating, it was a big shock,” Sandy said.  “I just couldn’t believe it.”

The two said the suspects broke the glass opening by the side doors which kept the alarm from sounding. They crawled in the opening and used crow bars to open each machine. 



“When we go around the corner to the arcade there we see that every machine except for one was broken into,” Jim said.

The Tate’s said they plan to enhance their security to prevent future break-ins.

“We’re going to put in more cameras and we’re just going to make sure this doesn’t happen again,” Sandy said.

Oakwood Bowl said they are happy with the support they’ve received from the community and the business is back open at this time.