SHAWNEE, Oklahoma - A trial is set to begin after a deadly, head-on crash occurred off N Harrison Avenue and E Federal Street.

The driver of one vehicle, 25-year-old Christian Key, is facing first-degree manslaughter charges. The passenger of his vehicle, Tanya Wolfe, died from her injuries.

The trial is set out of Pottawatomie County, and though it was set for next week, the attorney for Key pushed for a continuance and it was granted. Now, the first trial date is set for Feb. 25.

“I believe the facts are what they are,” said Allan Grubb, Pottawatomie County district attorney. “They're hard to argue and a jury will be very sympathetic to the victim and the victim's family.”

News 9 reached out to Key's attorney, but he chose not to comment.

The driver of the other vehicle in this crash is OK, but couldn’t believe what happened.

“I started to turn the wheel because I thought he was going to keep going towards the other side of the road and he didn't, he hit me square dead-on,” said Donald Morgan.

Police said Key was high on drugs when the crash occurred.