A dangerous fugitive, who is accused of promising to kill as many police officers as he could if he got caught, has been arrested.

Roy Palagonia was arrested without incident in Shawnee. 

For three days, law officers looked for Palagonia, but every time they got close, they say he ran off into the woods or hid in old barns.

Palagonia was wanted on a bench warrant after leading police on another manhunt last month.

On Wednesday, he stopped into a Quick Stop convenience store in Meeker and was recognized by the clerk.

“He was hiding from all the cameras and I knew he was acting strange. He came in, bought $5 in fuel, walked out, then came back in and bought some Dr. Pepper,” the clerk, Christian Franklin, said.

Franklin called police but Palagonia got away, but law officers caught up with him at the Walmart in Shawnee.

Police said they set him up, knowing he would be there, but they couldn’t go into details.

Pottawatomie County District Attorney Allan Grubb said Palagonia is a dangerous guy.

“He has been breaking into homes, barns, (and) using firearms. He’s taken people hostage, trying to escape police,” Grubb said. “He’s eluded police a couple times, and he’s a very dangerous individual.”

Grubb is still compiling a long list of charges he plans to present against Palagonia.

“(This) guy’s a one-man crime spree. Officers have been working non-stop to get him into custody, (and) to make sure that citizens are safe,” Grubb said.