LUTHER, Oklahoma - A family is lucky to still have their home after a grassfire burned to the edges of their home north of Luther.

Firefighters from seven fire departments had to contend with 30mph wind gusts.

“It was happening pretty fast. these trees were on fire, our yard is on fire,” said homeowner Terry Price.

 Terry Price and his family were home enjoying the new year when his daughter called to him.

“My daughter let a dog in and she alerted us that there was a fire,” said Price.

Price leaped into action hoping to get the fire under control.

“I came out here grabbed that water hose and started trying to spray this grass here,” said Price.

Terry and his family made a run for it...leaving a home they lost to a tornado that devastated the area in 2013.

“Some people say it sounded like a freight train to be it sounded like high winds,” said Price.

Terry says flames surrounded every item they owned including a storm cellar that saved their lives seven  years ago.

“I was just thinking we are going to go through this all again,” said Price.

He says as firefighters moved in they waited, hoping to keep the home they rebuilt.

“Just hoped and prayed that for the best,” said Price.

And while other homes were threatened and nearly a dozen acres burned, everything and everyone made it.

“We are really blessed and I think that God was looking over us,” said Price.

Firefighters believe the family's neighbors were burning trash when the fire got out of control.