GUTHRIE, Oklahoma - Tuesday will be the last day for the Newseum in Washington D.C. The national museum of news artifacts is closing its doors. 

But Oklahoma's Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell said he has the perfect place to relocate. He’s suggesting the State Capitol Publishing company building in Guthrie.  

“My thoughts on Guthrie, it’s got so much potential it’s not even tapped into at this point in time,” said Ray Dorwart, who has been making custom boots in downtown Guthrie for over 25 years. 

Dorwart’s boot shop is right across the street from the State Capitol Publishing Company.

In a tweet this weekend, Pinnell suggested the building as a new home for the Newseum.

On Monday, Pinnell said he is actively seeking out Newseum leadership to start the conversation. Pinnell pointed out, “This iconic building has been the headquarters of some of our state’s strongest newspapers and was once home to the largest printing house west of the Mississippi river. Housing an important museum like the Newseum in the middle of the country where it can thrive without the competition of the countless museums in our nation's capital is a no brainer."

The museum is currently owned by a non-profit that's hoping to renovate the building and find a tenant.

“Franky, I’m just glad to be on his radar,” said Lynn Bilodau, who started the non-profit.

Dorwart said he's seen tourism in Guthrie dwindle over the years, but he believes a national attraction like the Newseum could be a big step in reversing that trend.

“We’ve already got three good museums here,” he said. “Bring in another one, something that is nationally owned. That would be a pretty neat deal.”