Former Oklahoma City Police Officer Keith Sweeney, 34, filed an application to appeal his second-degree murder conviction.

According to court records, Sweeney filed the notice on Dec. 27.

Sweeney was convicted of unlawfully killing a suicidal Dustin Pigeon two years ago after Pigeon doused himself in lighter fluid on his front lawn. Sweeney shot and killed Pigeon, claiming he thought he was holding a weapon. It wasn't until after shots were fired that Sweeney realized Pigeon was only holding a lighter, he claimed. 

OCPD body camera video from the incident showed two officers pleading with the 29-year-old to put down the bottle of accelerant.

A third officer, Sgt. Keith Sweeney, can be heard arriving to the scene and screaming , “Drop it! I will (expletive) shoot you!”

Seconds later, Sweeney shot Pigeon.

An Oklahoma County jury found him guilty of second-degree murder and recommended 10 years in prison as his punishment. District Judge Natalie Mai agreed with the jury’s recommendation.

Sweeney is currently an inmate with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

Sweeney recently resigned from the Oklahoma City Police Department. He was on unpaid administrative leave at his sentencing hearing.