HARRAH, Oklahoma - The owner of a local theatre is picking up pieces of glass left behind by vandals. 

The owner of The State Theatre in Harrah, Cathryn Hayes, said someone shot the glass ticket booth sometime over Christmas break. Hayes made the discovery Friday morning.

“I was sitting there going, no way,” Hayes said. “I was investigating it and trying to figure out what happened, if it was an earthquake or something, because a drive-by shooting never crossed my mind.”

Police were called and told Hayes the damage was likely done by a bullet, a bullet that has yet to be recovered.

Cameras in and nearby the theatre have not picked up anything.

“The damage it did is more than just replacing one glass block,” said Hayes. “When you take out one, you break two or three, and we are talking years of history here. I can’t go out and buy another one of those.”

The State Theatre dates back to the 1930’s.

To make matters worse, five bands that were scheduled to perform on New Year’s Eve have backed out.

“When they learned about the shooting, they sent a text and asked if they needed to find a new place because they didn’t feel comfortable holding their event here,” Hayes said. “It’s a bunch of musicians and we are all family. When my only music family doesn’t feel comfortable coming in, there is a problem.”

The building is insured; however, repairs will not be easy.

As far as being targeted, nothing is off the table.

“If you have a problem with me, step inside the doors because there is nothing that can’t be talked out,” said Hayes.

The State Theatre has been permanently closed. The outdoor marquee and various items inside have been donated to a new theatre opening in McCloud.

If you have any information regarding this incident, give Harrah police a call at 405-454-1203.