OKLAHOMA CITY - Shoppers returned to the Penn Square Mall Friday, undeterred by Thursday’s chaotic shooting that left one person injured

Some visitors returned to the mall to claim belongings left behind during Thursday’s evacuations.

“There was nothing in this incident to indicate that the mall was the target or that there was anything outside of an incident between the individuals involved,” Oklahoma City Police Captain Larry Withrow said.

With that information, shoppers headed confidently into the stores Friday morning.

“I’m just shopping, I mean, the other stuff isn’t phasing me. I’m just shopping for the family,” shopper Kobe Bryer said.

Isaac Colvin voiced a similar sentiment.

“The guy turned himself in, so we aren’t worried about it too much,” Colvin said before heading into stores.

The suspect from the shooting is behind bars, and according to law, shouldn’t have had a gun on the premises to begin with.

Penn Square Mall has a no weapon policy.

Officials with the Penn Square Mall declined to interview or answer questions on how the policy is enforced.

However, the company sent a statement to News 9 that reads:

“At Penn Square Mall, we are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for our shoppers, retailers and employees. We have a highly skilled and experienced security team and a number of proactive security measures in place, both seen and unseen, including maintaining continuous security patrols and working with local law enforcement to ensure appropriate security measures are being taken to help provide and maintain a safe environment at our property.”