OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro woman who thought she'd never hear normally again is getting a special gift this Christmas thanks to a newly approved procedure.
Six months ago, Lora Sherman was diagnosed with sudden deafness, and since then shes had to live life only using her right ear to listen.
"I couldn't hear out of my left ear, and it suddenly just went away," Sherman said. 
Through the use of a cochlear implant, Sherman was able to hear her best friend's voice again through a series of test.

"It's exciting isn't it?" she emphasized.
Sherman is the first patient at OU Medical Cebter to undergo a newly approved procedure. Previously the FDA reserved cochlear implants for patients deaf in both ears. Sherman is the first to receive an implant in just one ear.

"Myself and my other colleagues are very excited about this being another opportunity," said Dr. Alex Bien. 
For Sherman, new-found hearing is going to take some time to get used to, as her brain re-adjusts. But in this Christmas season she'll be the first to tell you, shes got high hopes.

"I hope to hear forever more," she said.