OKLAHOMA CITY - Holiday travelers flying out of Will Rogers World Airport should expect to see construction that will affect flight plans.
Officials with the airport are giving tips to make holiday travel easier. 
WRWA is getting a makeover. The first project is Terminal Drive. 
“We’re basically taking it down and rebuilding the roadway,” said Karen Carney, Marketing Coordinator for the airport.
Terminal Drive has been deteriorating over the years due to increased traffic flow because of the number of passengers.
“The roads have been narrowed to one lane in each direction,” said Carney. “Certain times of the day, early morning and afternoon, there is a lot of congestion.”
With this in mind Carney said there are certain things to take into consideration.
Instead of waiting in the check in line, print your boarding passes before you leave your house. And for new travelers, know what to expect before you go to security.
“Save your jewelry until you get through the check point because your going to have to take it off to get through security,” she said. 
Carney also advises travelers not to over pack their carry on. 
“The more you stuff in, the harder it is for TSA to go through it.”
Holiday travel can be stressful but it will go much smoother if you plan ahead.