First term Congresswoman Kendra Horn, who represents a good chunk of the metro, scratched and clawed and beat the bushes for votes to pull off an impressive upset just one year ago.

Today she put it on the line by announcing that she will vote to impeach President Trump.

Her decision has been anxiously awaited by her Republican opponents.

You see President Trump steamrolled Hillary Clinton in Oklahoma, even in Horn's 5th district he beat Clinton by 13 points.

Her decision may not play well with voters in the district.

The White House wasted no time going on the attack, putting out a statement that said in part:

"Rep. Kendra Horn has now succumbed to the pressure of Nancy Pelosi and progressive Democrats by announcing her vote in favor of this baseless impeachment sham."

However, Horn denies any pressure being applied. If that's true she's taken a tough stance, because from the outside it looks like the expedient thing to do is to not get involved in this impeachment mess, they don't need her vote.

Even though our Sooner Poll shows 50 percent of the voters in her district support impeaching President Trump, that's a razor thin edge when your political career rides on it.

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's My 2 Cents.