A metro pastor fears losing his church because of the mess left at a homeless camp.

Clothes, old tents, shopping carts and other items are scattered near the back of the property at Memorial Christian Church located at North Meridian Avenue and Northwest 19th Street.

The church has asked for help from police to get rid of the homeless people over the years.

“Sometimes they are sleeping on our doorstep. Our own members are afraid,” said 85-year-old Pastor Ralph Ranney.

But just this month, the church received a letter from the city saying Memorial Christian was going to have to pay at least $2,100 to remove the campsite, that now appears to be empty.

“Our church treasurer said to me, ‘we can’t pay it.’ It’s just going to put us under,” said Ranney.

He said the church's congregation is aging and can't clean up the mess.

News 9 told the city about the church's situation and its aging congregation.

Oklahoma City said the work order to clear the campsite is now on hold. It will give the church more time to come up with a solution.

“It’d [be] nice if we could get some help getting this done,” said Ranney.