OKLAHOMA CITY - MAPS 4 is getting strong support in our exclusive News 9 poll with more than 70% approval. 

Those against the penny sales tax, totaling $978 million over eight years, are also trying to get their message out just six days before the election.

While there is a not a funded campaign against MAPS 4, critics have been taking to social media to list their concerns.

The Facebook page "No More Maps Projects" now has 470 members. The person who started the page said the projects will be money pits.

“Once these things are built, we are going to be paying for them forever,” said Glenn Bloom.

Bloom said MAPS 4 does not sufficiently address operating expenses of the projects.

Mayor David Holt disagrees. He said endowment funds that are built into the projects will cover both operating and capital improvements for projects the city will have sole responsibility for once completed.

Mayor Holt gave the example of the youth centers which total $110 million. Forty million of the total cost will be placed in an endowment conservatively collecting 4% annually.

“$40 million spins into $1.6 million between operations and capital forever. That’s how an endowment works,” said Mayor Holt.

Early voting for the December 10 special MAPS4 election begins on Thursday, December 5.