Mike Bloomberg, the billionaire Democratic candidate for president ordered his Bloomberg news team not to investigate him or any of the Democratic candidates, President Trump though is still fair game. 

So, President Trump has banned Bloomberg reporters from campaign rallies and events.

Here's what you had to say:

Jim from Newalla first, "I would have taken that one step further and banned them from WH news briefings as well."

Another Jim writes, "Personally, I like Bloomberg. He's self-made and a good philanthropist. I’m not so thrilled about him as a politician though. This just confirms my lack of enthusiasm."

Stevenia from Norman writes, "Definitely on point Kelly! It's like pot saying black to the kettle!"

But Keni says, "Really not interested in your two cent opinions."

Tammy says, "What a joke. Typical Dem. move. That should tell people everything they need to know about him!"

But Frank argues, "Bloomberg will not report something bad on himself (would you expect him to do that?) or the other Democrats, but will continue to report on Trump. So what? There are other news media outlets that will."

Finally, Christy from Bethel had this to say about Bloomberg and the president, "I know not a single Democrat who would vote for either of these people."

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's Your 2 Cents.