A lot of you, I know, are watching this newscast from your kitchens, my family is in the kitchen and they'd better be watching.

Cooking Thanksgiving dinner together, is becoming a treasured tradition at our house. And, yes, I do cook.

I typically cook the turkey, and the stuffing always with sausage in it, and a family favorite, spinach madeline.

Spinach madeline is like a spinach dip, but it's made with jalapeno jack cheese. On a plate running over with mild flavors, it is that one food that gives Thanksgiving dinner some zip.

You can look up the recipe for spinach madeline, I have it linked to my website at GoOgle.com.

As I was trying to organize our backup refrigerator in the garage, to make room for all of that extra food, I knew there must be countless people who've come up with Thanksgiving hacks.

So, I went to GoOgle.com and sure enough, people are washing their potatoes in the dishwasher, grating their butter like cheese to use in pie crusts and so forth, lining ice chests with foil and using them like warming drawers. Genius!

After the newscast, I'm going to go home and tape my recipes to the kitchen cabinets, like having turkey teleprompter.

I hope you and yours have a happy Thanksgiving!