OKLAHOMA CITY - A judge has decided a lawsuit over the name of an Oklahoma City high school will move forward. 
The lawsuit challenges the Oklahoma City School Board's authority to rename Classen SAS at Northeast, previously Northeast Academy. 
Alums have been working to change the name back for months. Court documents and graduates of the school said the name is important to the history of area.
Over the summer, school board member Charles Henry took legal action against the district, but eventually he dropped the lawsuit. It was later refiled in September.  
In the past, the district's superintendent Dr. Sean McDaniel has said name changes were taken before the board.
The lawsuit claims this was part of the Pathway to Greatness vote, and it wasn't clear that would include the name change.
"Respondents have misled the Petitioners board members and the public that the renaming of the merged schools would be done in an open public process after the P2G vote on March 4th," court documents read. 
The goal of the lawsuit is to compel the board to consider the name "Northeast Classen School of Advanced Studies".
A pretrial conference has been set in May of 2020.