OKLAHOMA CITY - Police have arrested a former UCO football player for the second time.

Dakota Armstrong, 19, was arrested in June for pointing a gun at a driver during a road rage incident. He was let out on bond but failed to make his first court appearance. A felony warrant was then issued for his arrest.

Armstrong was picked up on the felony warrant last month.

The former Choctaw high school football standout now sits in Oklahoma County Jail. He has been charged with Felony Pointing a Firearm at Another Person.

The incident occurred last summer.

Nathan Guerro was traveling down Northeast 23rd Street with his three children when the incident happened.

Guerro said Armstrong was trying to get in front of him during traffic. Believing that Guerro was purposely preventing him from doing so, Armstrong pulled out his weapon.

“He gets kind of angry and he speeds up and pulls a gun out. He shows it to me like look at this. Like, you’re going to let me get in front of you or else,” he explained.

Not believing what he saw, Guerro said he pulled up closer to Armstrong.

“So, I sped up just a little bit and he flashes the gun at me again.”

That’s when Guerro called police.

Armstrong was soon located a few miles down the road.

After giving police consent to search his car, they found a BB gun. It was completely black and there were not indicators that it was a BB gun, making it every easy for someone like Guerro to assume it was real.

“I mean, it’s a black handgun. It looked like a little 9mm,” he said.

After high school, Armstrong went on to play football at UCO during the 2018 season. He is no longer on the team, but he is still enrolled.

Guerro said he was hesitant to file charges initially, “The fact that he plays football doesn’t really mat too much to me. But I really hate to see a guy ruin his life over a stupid mistake.”

Ultimately, charges were filed because Guerro said, “If he could do this to someone in a truck with children, then could do it to anyone.”

Armstrong has pleaded not guilty. His preliminary hearing is set for December 12.