OKLAHOMA CITY - From playing beneath Oklahoma’s brightest lights, to sleeping on the streets of Norman without a roof over his head, former OU running back Chris Brown said his story is one of second chances. 

“Today, I’m doing pretty good,” Brown said, as Corey “Scissorhands” Sutton cuts his hair.

Brown went from the cover of the December 2008 Sports Illustrated edition, to hungry and in trouble with the law a decade later.

“It was pretty tough, pretty rough,” Brown said.

He was dealing with police and drug possession.

Sutton owns ‘Fade ‘N Up’ barber shops in Oklahoma City and Norman. He said he noticed the former Sooner star hanging around his South metro location.

“I grew up not having nothing,” Sutton said. “So, I know what it’s like not having nothing.”

And on a freezing cold day two weeks ago, Sutton decided to go looking for Brown. He tweeted out a picture asking for help locating Brown. Sutton said a Norman Police officer gave him a call.

“It was like the Lord made me find him,” Sutton said.

After leading the Big12 in touchdowns his junior year, Brown’s NFL career never took off, and was plagued with injury. He returned to Oklahoma in 2016 where he began using drugs and sleeping on the streets just outside the stadium gates of where it all began.

“Now we are back focused,” Brown said. “Getting on the right path.”

Brown said just a few days before Thanksgiving, he's thankful for a second chance.

“Corey came and he rescued me,” Brown said.

With Sutton’s help, Brown has a job, and is rekindling a relationship with his family, getting a driver's license and working toward a car.

“This is the true definition of Sooner magic right there,” Sutton said. “My man was on the top of the world and he went through a situation where he was at the lowest point of his life. And now he done come back. So, touchdown Sooners.”