OKLAHOMA COUNTY - Court documents filed November 21 show Enetrice Myers-Tarpeh and Lavada Myers are facing felony charges after officials said they stole a credit card and the numbers off of it from a resident at one of their care facilities. 

Myers-Tarpeh and Myers are co-owners of Rest Haven Management, according to court documents. The two have a care facility in Boley, OK.

Investigators said the two had been spending one of their resident’s money, after the resident received a large inheritance.

Investigators detailed all of the purchases made by the two, including but not limited to, beauty products, shoes, airline tickets and more.

The total, according to the court documents, was over $33,000.

The money was spent all over Oklahoma, according to the report, but most of it was spent in Ohio where Myers-Tarpeh lives.

There has been an arrest warrant issued for both women, but at last check neither of them has been arrested.