OKLAHOMA CITY - In a surprising about face, the Judge in charge of the Canadian County Children’s Justice Center in El Reno announced director Dan Kern is no longer with the center after being placed on paid leave. 

This began several weeks ago after sources came forward and said Kern had allegedly been harassing employees and was engaging in lewd behavior around students at the center.

Kern was under investigation by the county after News 9 began reporting on the allegations against Kern.

Up until last week, the Judge in charge of the center, Judge Bob Hughey, supported Kern throughout multiple News 9 stories about his alleged misconduct. Hughey even called some of the reporting misguided.

In an email, Hughey did not release any details about what led to his new stance on Kern’s alleged behavior.

"I just wanted to let everyone know that Dan Kern is no longer employed at the Children's Justice Center," Hughey wrote.

Hughey also said in his email the search for a replacement started immediately. Repeated requests to talk to both Kern and Hughey have either been denied or gone unanswered.