OKLAHOMA CITY - The MAPS 4 vote happens December 10, but a local teacher is making sure citizens know what's at stake, even if they are too young to vote. 

Putnam City North HS teacher Aaron Baker will be detailing the MAPS 4 proposal to his young students ahead of election day.

Starting December 4, Baker will give a 3-day crash course on the MAPS 4 to his Oklahoma history class, composed mostly of freshman students.

Baker said the goal is to get students engaged and help voter turnout.

“I think informing young people can have an effect on voters at home, but also as future voters, they will be more engaged,” said Baker.

The first year PC North teacher will present both sides of the $978 million vote.

Click here to read Baker’s lesson plan, which includes a mock vote on the third and final day. 

“I’m encouraging other teachers to use it. With a little promotion, it could be in literally hundreds of classes,” added Baker.