OKLAHOMA CITY - United Airlines will be introducing a new plane at Will Rogers World Airport.

The new plane that will be going from Oklahoma City to Chicago has multiple new options for travelers at WRWA, but the airport said its arrival is something that's much bigger for the metro overall.

WRWA is one of the first airports in the world to offer flights on this new jet, and they emphasize it says a lot that United chose Oklahoma City as one of the first areas to roll it out. The airport said that they've seen travel up in the past few years, and this addition is just a testament to that.

As for the airplane itself, its the only 50 seat regional plane to offer full first class seating, and  is especially accommodating for business travelers here in OKC.

"When you have an aircraft that provides more room, that allows you to put your carry on in the overhead bin, you know there is going to be space. This is really an added advantage to our overall air service," says Karen Carney, a Spokesperson for WRWA. 

This new aircraft isn't just here in Oklahoma City, flights started at Tulsa International around two weeks ago.

United says they hope to add more locations soon.