Over the years one of my most commented on commentaries was about my rules concerning Christmas lights. Summed up, don't turn them on before Thanksgiving night.

There’s a story out of San Antonio about a family that turned their lights on November 1. They have lights and inflatables in the yard -- the whole show.

But the Homeowners Association of their neighborhood said, uh, you're too early, take them down.

Well, that ticked off some of their neighbors, so they put their Christmas decorations out too.

I'm hearing about more and more people who are putting up their Christmas lights shortly after Halloween, at the very least well before Thanksgiving.

Take this metro home, where the homeowner obviously spent some time stringing up Santa's reindeer, it's been lit up for a week or so already. Hasn't it David?

David never fear, I'm not going to chastise you.

Maybe I've been watching too many Hallmark movies, my wife would say there's no maybe about it, but I've softened on my Thanksgiving night embargo on turning on Christmas lights.

If you really love the Christmas season, the 27 days we'll have this year because of a late Thanksgiving won't be enough, so fire them up.

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's My 2 Cents.