OKLAHOMA CITY - One man is in custody Friday morning, after refusing to get out of a southwest Oklahoma City apartments that was on fire. 

Investigators are looking into what started the fire, near Southwest 55th Street and South Agnew Avenue, and why a man inside of the apartment on fire refused to come out.

Firefighter said the fire broke out at the Creekside Apartments around 12:30 a.m. 

Fire crews said while they were on the way to the scene, they got a calling that there may have been some sort of disturbance.
Firefighters said when they forced themselves inside of the upstairs apartment, they found a man sitting on the floor inside of the kitchen.
“The person refused to leave,” said Battalion Chief Russel Huffman, “so our crews backed out and put water on the fire from the doorway.”
Oklahoma City Police came to arrest and question the man.
Firefighters said that apartment was the only unit to sustain about $5,000 worth of damage.