It is very likely that you. You have requested other quotes from various SEO providers. We present below a series of 9 requirements that we believe should sue any SEO company to be able to opt for one or another proposal with knowledge of cause, and the detailed solution proposed by LemonDog.

1 – Demand Experience.

An SEO company needs years of experience to offer a quality service. Having previously worked with many clients from different sectors gives the consultant an essential know-how.

2 – Require Transparency

That they detail every month what they have done for you, not at the generic level, if not with all the details. You must know exactly what work is done for your website, what links have been achieved, what improvement is proposed, what actions have been performed…

In total transparency each month we will inform you exactly of the work done, indicating all the concrete details of the actions carried out. For example, when we strengthen your link building, we will give you a screenshot of the links and the URL where you can find them.

3 – Require White Hat SEO.

Do not risk suffering penalties on your website. Search engines, especially Google, penalize any kind of unethical practice. The consequence of not respecting this fact can be disastrous for your website, which can be seen penalized and disappear from search engines.

4 – Demand that you do not limit the number of words to work.

Do not talk about positions and words, but visits, conversions and sales. Demand customized solutions to your needs, run away from “packs” and poor quality services.

Focus our service so that it is totally profitable for you, have a flexible strategy aimed at increasing visits to your website and sales, enhance the words that give better results and enhance your website globally, without limiting yourself to words concrete. Offer a customized and high-quality solution tailored specifically to your needs.

5 – Require the non-use of automated tools

In the current SEO all work done must be manual and quality. This involves a great effort, but it is the only way to achieve results in the medium and long term. Perform all links building work manually, avoiding the use of any automated software or tool. Also always work with original content written by our group of editors.

6 – Demand international and multi-language experience.

It is very likely that your potential audience is in several countries and speaks different languages; for this reason, the chosen SEO agency like LemonDog that must be able to face projects of this nature

7 – Require an online control panel with integrated web analytics.

Apart from an assigned consultant, you must have an online control panel where you are constantly informed of how your SEO project evolves. That panel should include analytical information about everything that is happening on your website.

8 – Demand that the SEO strategy includes social elements

Social networks have an increasing incidence in SEO and must be taken into account to get good rankings. Incorporate the so-called “Social SEO” as an essential part of SEO, an essential element to get good positions in Google. Include in our SEO strategy the personalized and VIP use of our platform: LemonDog our SEO services are not intended to replace or intervene in the activities in the social networks that your company is eventually carrying out today. Our intention is to complement this strategy with a series of actions aimed at enhancing the influence of social networks in the positioning of your website.

9 – Demand the development of complementary services to SEO

That improves the results and contributes to improve the image of your company and sell more. Offer a global SEO solution: incorporate the so-called social SEO in all our proposals, also LemonDog offer the possibility of contracting the development of original content for your website, have a complementary offer to SEO that can include the control of campaigns in Adwords, the defense of your online reputation, or sponsorship on preferential conditions of websites related to your theme.


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