OKLAHOMA CITY - According to court documents, police at Oklahoma State University's Oklahoma City campus believe a teen's threat to kill two students are credible. Investigators issued an arrest warrant Friday. 

Court documents show that one victim immediately felt uncomfortable with the suspect's behavior. She said for months she tried to avoid him, fearing he would harm her.

According to police reports, a 19-year-old woman became concerned after Cesar Rios made it a point to seek her out on campus. The woman told police she would often see Rios at the campus cafeteria in between classes.

She said he had been "engaging her in conversation and offering to walk her to her car."

Uncomfortable with his attention, the woman said she would "direct him to a different car and wait for him to leave."

She said over time Rios became more aggressive, rubbing up against her, asking her repeatedly where she worked and where she lived.

In late October, she said a student approached her and said Rios had been talking about how he "planned to strangle and kill her."

One week later, after making a report to campus police, the woman became frantic after realizing Rios was tailing her as she drove home.

When confronted by campus security, a search of Rio's bag uncovered high performance ammo, and hollow point bullets for a 357-Magnum.

He reportedly "admitted to owning several guns and to having shot them last weekend."

Reports show Rios is not a U.S. citizen, and he also threatened to kill another student.  That student said Rios told him he could build and sell AR-15s.

OSU sent News 9 the following statement: 

"Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City officials are aware of an investigation of one of our students by Oklahoma City police. We are cooperating fully with law enforcement and appropriate measures have been taken to ensure the safety of OSU-OKC students pending that review. Due to student privacy rules and out of respect for the law enforcement process, we will have no further comment at this time."