MOORE, Oklahoma - Police have released body camera footage following the dramatic take down of a naked man in Moore. 

Officers said months ago, John Kirk ripped apart the inside of a Jack in the Box. He was cited for public intoxication and vandalism.

Investigators believe Kirk was under the influence, and he shouted multiple times for officers to shoot him. He was holding a 40-ounce beer, shouting nonsense at police.

This is what was captured on body camera footage:

Kirk: “You wanna [sic] kill me? Kill me.”

Officer: “I am not going to kill you.”

Kirk: “I don’t want to be in a fight. I haven’t been in a fight in 20 years. You’re bad s***, you know what (inaudible) Netflix is? Do any of y’all know what ‘Shooter’ is? I am going to kill myself.”

(Officer tackles Kirk)

Officer: “Get on the ground.”

Kirk: “Okay, I am on the ground.”

Kirk: Lord Jesus please, help me! The devil will not succeed.”

Kirk: there are over 30 f****** cars in here and, and (inaudible). Shoot me n*****.”

Officers repeatedly asked him to get on the ground, but he eventually was tackled from behind by one officer. Kirk was taken to the hospital, and then booked into jail.

However, days later, officers said he exposed himself to two women inside the Moore Walmart. Court documents reveal Kirk pulled down his pants and approached "the first victim in the body wash/soap aisle" and asked her "opinion on a brand of soap."

Moments later, Kirk went to the soda aisle, "where the second victim is stocking the shelves." She was bent over.

“He came up behind her, exposed himself, got her to turn around right in the crotch area,” said Sgt. Jeremy Lewis of Moore Police.

Kirk faces two felonies of indecent exposure. A hearing in his case is set for later this month.