EDMOND, Oklahoma - A new tool gives Edmond residents a chance to give the city instant feedback from the tips of their fingers.

“This is one of the tools we are going to use when it comes to decision making,” Casey Moore with the City of Edmond said.

It’s a quick online service that provides real-time feedback at http://edmondok.com/engage.

“It could be for things like parks, or it could be for specific traffic projects, or for new developments,” Moore said.

Nearly 200 people have already chimed in on the first questions launched this week, polling residents on a downtown space and possible changes to the Broadway corridor.

“We anticipate using this for quite a bit, because we are paying for the service, so we want to make sure we get good use out of it,” Moore said.

The City already does a survey every two years, but the City said this one will allow residents voices to be heard more quickly on an project-by-project basis.

“We are here to serve the citizens, and we always want to make sure we get their opinion on things,” Moore said. “Everything we do is funded through tax dollars, so we want to make sure we are getting their input and being good stewards.”

The City said the surveys will only run for a few weeks at a time ahead of decisions. After completing a questionnaire, the service asks for an email address to notify residents of new questions waiting of input.

“If these topics aren’t of high importance, high interest for someone, there will likely be ones in the future that will be,” Moore said.