OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma's mobile ID application is now available in the Apple App Store and through Google Play. 

Secretary of Digital Transformation David Ostrowe said this is the future, and the app could be the first step toward digitizing even more. 

Ostrowe said Oklahoma is the first state to have this type of mobile ID. He said that Louisiana has an ID app, but it doesn't have all the identity features. 
Oklahoma's app was rolled out after months of beta testing that included thousands of people. 

In order to get a mobile ID, residents have to have a plastic drivers license. It's recommended that residents have their plastic copy as a backup since it's the only form currently accepted by law enforcement. The secretary said state leaders are working with the ABLE (Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement) commission to help make bars and restaurants more aware of the new ID.

Ostrowe said the state was able to roll out the app according to the planned timeline, and they are starting to test what else could be accessed digitally.  

"We are looking at other ways to plug things in to state services whether or not that's SNAP, or marijuana cards, or gun permits or hunting/fishing license," said Ostrowe. "We can pump all that into the application."

He said the state is also testing another app that could give residents access to a digital copy of their birth certificates and car tags. 

"It will display your vehicle registration in the first version," said Ostrowe. "The second version were now asking should we be able to display the birth certificate on the same app."

Ostrowe said the technology exists and they are just trying to figure out how payments would work. 

"Right now we are testing payment and payment processing on how the money rolls from consumer citizen to our treasury, which is pretty complex in state government,"said Ostrowe. "Once we figure that out and get that done, which were testing now, we should have that out to the public within 30 days."

For more information on the mobile ID click here.