OKLAHOMA CITY - President Donald Trump's reelection campaign has announced its 2020 team in Oklahoma.

The Victory team, as the campaign is calling it, is a collection of heavy hitters in Oklahoma politics. The list includes Governor Kevin Stitt, both Senators and every Republican member of Congress from Oklahoma.

While all of the members of the victory team have supported the President in the past, the timing of the announcement early this week is interesting given recent criticism from normally close presidential allies, Senator Jim Inhofe and Representative Tom Cole. Both joined the growing Republican anger at Trump's plan to pull troops from Syria this week.

It also comes just after Sen. James Lankford told a group of conservatives late last week, he thought the President would be impeached in the House likely by Christmas.

It's no surprise Gov. Stitt is on the list. He and the President have had a very positive relationship since the Governor's campaign last year. The President tweeted his congratulations to Stitt after his win in 2018 and called the Governor while Stitt was visiting El Reno after the May tornado.

Also on the list is Stephanie Alexander, a Trump team veteran. She was the Battleground state director for the Trump campaign in 2016, making her the second highest ranking woman in the campaign at the time. behind campaign manager KellyAnne Conway. She was also charged in the campaign fraud case against State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister in 2016. Those charges were eventually dropped.