The DOJ has given Oklahoma $2.4 million dollars to help test rape kits that have been sitting in law enforcement storage rooms for years. It's shameful that we got into this position and grossly unfair to sexual assault victims.

Here's what you had to say:

Norma first, "It shouldn't take that much money and effort to test those!"

I disagree, I think it will cost a lot more, but they must be processed. Any delay is unacceptable.

Janie writes, "What a disgrace… How could this have gotten so out of control. I totally agree with you Kelly. DEMAND they be tested in a timely manner…"

From Nancy, "Finally progress and justice for victims... May have to build a new prison."

Trisha says, "Why did the federal government have to step in with money? Can Oklahoma not balance their own finances? And, of all the things to put on the back burner. Wow."

Ladonna writes, "Every day those rape kits set unprocessed, is a criminal not serving time, a victim not seeing justice. Worst of all, perpetrators enabled to do it to another victim."

Finally, from Deborah, "May we hope, through this testing, some rapists are identified. THANK YOU for doing this."

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's Your 2 Cents.