MIDWEST CITY, Oklahoma - In Midwest City, an 80-year-old man was arrested for killing his wife. He told dispatchers she had dementia and he couldn't care for her any longer. 

Experts said there is help though for those who are in similar circumstances. They said caregivers, especially in spousal situations, won't ask for help. But it's important that they do. 

Sunbeam Family Services is one of a number of organizations across the city that offers help. It begins with caregiver support groups that Sunbeam's director of senior services said is vital.

“You’re amongst your peers, you’re able to have those resources and you’re not alone,” said Patrick O’Kane, the Director of Senior Services for Sunbeam Family Services.

In addition, Sunbeam offers caregiving education classes. The most important lesson: make sure caregivers take care of themselves.

Sunbeam offers respite services for temporarily relief. 

Certified nursing assistants can also provide essential help, and hospice may also be available if a loved one won't get better.

O'Kane said we all may be able to pitch in.

“If you know a caregiver, you’re your neighbors are caring for a loved one, reach out to them and ask if you could sit with them while they go to the grocery store, ask if you can mow their lawn,” said O’Kane.

Sunbeam’s services are free. For more information you can contact Sunbeam at 405-528-7721 or go to https://sunbeamfamilyservices.org/senior-services/.