CANADIAN COUNTY, Oklahoma - Following the resignation of a Canadian County Sheriff’s Office Major, more alleged victims have come forward.

News 9 broke the story last week with the first allegation. Now, a handful of others say they were also sexually assaulted.

A man News 9 spoke with said once the story aired, he realized he wasn't alone. However, the statute of limitations has expired in his and other cases, and investigators still can't pursue charges.

For that reason, News 9 will not be releasing the major's name.

For those new to these allegations, the story started with a Facebook post by Gabrielle Welch. Just over a week ago, her father, Buddy, passed away.

Welch said Buddy was blackmailed into sexual favors by a Yukon police officer over decades. Before he died, Welch said he gave her permission to investigate the case he kept secret his entire life.

She later found the Yukon officer had since become a Canadian County major.

“I am not giving up anytime soon,” said Welch. “I know the burden my dad carried around with him every day.”

Welch said since the story of her father aired, four others have come forward, and sent her messages.

A common link was identified at Redlands Community College, where years ago, some of the alleged victims said they studied to become first responders. They said the same man, their teacher, abused his power and position to sexually assault them.

“He asked that I shut the door. He then said, ‘Can I see it?’” said one of the alleged victims, who requested to remain anonymous. “I just kind of froze, and he began to sexually assault me for the next several minutes.”

He said that happened back in the 1990s when he was 19 years old. He said because of his instructors, he had to transfer schools. He said he is confident there are other victims.

“You're going to have a lot of first responders that have been his victims. First responders are not very good at admitting weakness,” said the man.

Redlands issued the following statement:

“Redlands Community College has protocols in place when students come forward with allegations of this nature that include notifying the proper authorities. We work diligently to strengthen our student support programs so our students feel completely comfortable coming to our counselor, advisors, faculty and staff when they are confronted with any difficult situation.”

So far, all of the alleged victims do not fall within the statute of limitations, which is seven years from the alleged incident.

The sheriff said if a victim were to come forward with charges that could be field, they will investigate it.