Guthrie Public Schools is investigating an altercation between students at a Friday night football game, according to the district.

Megan Joplin said her 13 year old son was jumped at the game after three students snuck in through a hole in the fence.

Video captured the physical altercation. One student can be heard saying, “they just started beating him up.”

“I was scared,” Joplin said. “I was worried he was seriously injured.”

An adult can be seen in the video breaking up the situation.

Joplin said the athletic director met her at the gate with her son, telling her since he was fine and the fight was short, there'd likely be no disciplinary actions taken.

“Considering it was assault, they should have had an officer there,” Joplin said. "They should have waited on me, to talk to me, got my information, instead of ‘here’s your child. He’s fine.’”

In a statement, district Superintendent Mike Simpson said:

“We are aware of a minor incident that occurred at our football game on Friday night between two students.  The matter is currently under investigation.  Anyone who has information about the incident should share that information with the administration of Guthrie Junior High School or the Guthrie Police Department.”


Joplin said this is not the first time her son has dealt with bullying in Guthrie schools.

“I feel like on every situation we’ve had with bullying in the past, they just sweep it under the rug,” she said.