EDMOND, Oklahoma - An Edmond high school student accused of threatening to "shoot up" his school is now charged. 

According to police, earlier this month Bryson Burnett,18, posted two threats to social media while posing as another student.

One on September 4, read, "Time to shoot up the school."

Another one surfaced two days later and read, "Time to shoot up Edmond Sante Fe and this time I'm not joking, it's for real."

Each threat was made under a fellow student's name.

“We believe in this case Mr. Burnett was attempting to impersonate another student by making these threats under a fake social media account in an attempt to get hat student in trouble,” said Edmond Police Sgt. James Hamm.

Using a digital footprint, police were able to track the Snapchat account to Bryson Burnett.

While he initially denied making the threats, court documents indicate he later confessed.

Burnett later told police, "I never had the means to carry them out."

But despite his intentions, police said his alleged empty threats were enough to incite fear and anxiety.

“We were heightened security level while the police were investigating it.”

After parents were notified and the threats were broadcasted over the local news, court records show school officials fielded "approximately 130 phone calls" in reference to the threats.

Burnett is charged with three felonies, including one for committing a terrorist hoax.