OKLAHOMA CITY - For the first time in Oklahoma history, a robot was used to perform oral surgery Thursday. 

Dr. Robert Bryan and his practice, Oral Surgery Specialists of Oklahoma, utilized the Yomi Robotic Dental System to complete a dental implant.

Patient Elizabeth Bolen said she had no reservations about letting the robot perform the task.

“I am not nervous at all. I actually am pretty excited. My career is based off of doing revolutionary therapies and so, I'm very excited to be on the receiving end of a new technology,” Bolen said before the operation.

The practice acquired the robot about a month ago, according to Bryan.

“In essence, I’m still the surgeon. I'm still controlling what happens here. I make all the decisions that go along with this, but the robot just assist me in making sure that the implant goes exactly where we planned it to go,” Bryan said.

Advantages of utilizing the robot include precision, accuracy and comfort,

“I'm really proud of our practice for bringing the state of Oklahoma into the future of dental implant surgery. I think it's great for our practice,” Bryan said.

Bolen’s surgery was completed successfully, and Bryan said he will use the tool in future procedures.