OKLAHOMA CITY - A shooting threat sent to military personnel ahead of the new “Joker” movie is now being called "disturbing" and “valid,” after it was initially deemed as a fake.

Earlier this week, officials at Oklahoma’s Fort Sill were alerted to the threat for the opening of what's been the highly anticipated reboot of the popular Batman villain’s story.

In a release, investigators from the US Army's Criminal Investigation Division said they found "disturbing and very specific chatter on the dark web regarding the targeting of an unknown movie theater during the Joker release." Officials on Fort Sill told the military focused outlet "Stars and Stripes" they reissued the warning this week out of an abundance of caution.

Early critics of the movie said there are extremist themes in the movie which are some of the same views expressed by many recent mass shooters.

The movie is also drawing parallels to the deadly mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado during the release of another Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises” in 2012. 

The threat of a shooting on military bases is also coming alongside a warning from the FBI that has been sent out nationally. Authorities are advising movie goers to pay close attention to where exits are and have plans to leave theaters should anything happen.

News9/Newson6 reached out to officials on Tinker Airforce Base to see if they were advising service members in the metro, but did not get a response back.

“Joker” opens in theaters October 4.