OKLAHOMA CITY - EPIC Charter Schools has taken new action against Oklahoma State Senator Ron Sharp, who they said lied about the online charter schools enrollment practices.

The charter schools sent a cease and desist letter to Senator Sharp from Shawnee, accusing him of defaming the school and demanding that he stops.

According to the the Tulsa World, who got a hold of the letter, EPIC's attorney said Sharp made false and defamatory claims against EPIC in a press release he sent out last month.

In the release Sharp claimed the State Virtual Charter School Board found EPIC was not following state law regarding enrollment practices. The board said that's false.

EPIC also said Senator Sharp lied about information he received from the State Department of Education. Now attorneys for the online charter school are giving Sharp seven days to publish a retraction of his statements or face legal action.

The OSBI is still investigating EPIC for alleged embezzlement and fraud. The school has also called for Senate leaders to investigate Sharp for misusing public funds.