CLEVELAND COUNTY, Oklahoma - After a month-long investigation, Cleveland County officials were able to issue an arrest warrant for two men for possession of child pornography. 

The investigation started after a concerned citizen sent in a tip to the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office. Detectives got to work right away, putting in long hours to track down their suspects.

Officials said the two suspects, Hector Mercado and Adam Roberts, had a connection with the underage girl.

The initial tip mentioned Roberts. Detective did find that he had lewd photos. But, during the investigation they also learned Mercado had the same photos Roberts had.

“One gentleman had them on his cellphone and the other had them on his social media,” said Detective Matthew Sandburg, who headed up the investigation.

Sandburg said he reached out to another investigator with the CCSO, who also serves on the U.S Marshal’s Mero Fugitive Task Force, to help finish out the job.

Once both were involved, they were able to issue the arrest warrants for the two men and bring them in.

“My hope is that justice is served for these two individuals for this,” said Det. Sandburg. “Because these actions have hurt a child in our community.”