YUKON, Oklahoma - A former Yukon police officer is facing charges and is without a job after investigators say he cheated the city. 

Former Police Captain Chris Cunningham is accused of falsifying his timecard.

Court documents show for the past three months, supervisors kept a close eye on Cpt. Cunningham's timecard, after a supervisor noticed a discrepancy.

While the Cunningham was often on scene and in front of News 9 cameras, investigators said on at least 17 occasions he was absent from work, but he claimed to have been present.

An investigation began when a supervisor noticed that Cunningham started his shift an hour later than his timecard reflected on June 27, 2019. When confronted, records show Cunningham "acknowledged he made a mistake on his timesheet and accepted the corrections as accurate." 

But two months later, more than a dozen discrepancies were discovered when Cunningham’s digital time log on his computer was cross-checked with the department’s Computer Aided Dispatch System.

Court records show Cunningham cheated the City of Yukon out of 27 hours, roughly $1,100.

The 17-year veteran was fired Thursday, September 5 after a warrant for his arrest was issued.

He's now charged with computer fraud and obtaining cash by bogus check.

Records show Cunningham has bonded out of jail.