OKLAHOMA CITY - A portion of a large marijuana plant heist was caught on camera at a local marijuana grow house. Police said the thieves wiped out the business by stealing nearly a quarter of a million dollars in plants. 

The nondescript building in the middle of a Southwest Oklahoma City neighborhood was often overlooked, until now.

“I’m surprised they broke in at all over there,” said Wayne Rawson, neighbor. “Looks like a pretty tight building.”   

The medical marijuana grow house was recently the target of thieves on multiple occasions.  

“Unfortunately, this particular business has been hit three times within about a week span,” said Sgt. Megan Morgan, Oklahoma City Police Department.

But only one of the burglaries resulted in suspects being caught on camera.

“One of the suspects actually noticed there was a camera and got very close to the camera,” said Morgan.

He ripped the camera down and the two suspects went about stealing 324 medical marijuana plants worth $700 a piece, according to the owner. He told investigators the plant buds were not completely mature and would have little street value.

The owner of a hair salon next door came into work as police were investigating the burglary.

“I saw about four or five police cars and they were shining their flashlights because there was not light,” said Judy Bird, neighboring business owner. “This was about five in the morning.”   

The daylight revealed how the suspects broke into the business. Police said they ripped out the outer ventilation system and crawled inside.

Not only did the thieves steal nearly a quarter of a million dollars in weed plants but they also caused about $10,000 in damage.

“I mean you know everything is gone,” said Bird.

Police are not sure if all three burglaries are related. During one of the break-ins several masked suspects stole about $1,800 in equipment used to grow marijuana.