DEL CITY, Oklahoma - A man gunned down in Del City is remembered by his former college coaches. 

Police said Felicia Goode-Blassengill ordered her son Tevarus Young to shoot the victim as he tried to diffuse a school argument.

Police said Michael Young tried to broker peace with another family after his little brother fought with a schoolmate.

“He never complained he played hard and was a great teammate,” said Bakersfield College Head Coach Rich Hughes.

According to those close to him, Michael was as gifted on the court as he was off.

“God blesses all of us with lots of gifts and Michael had a special gift that people gravitated towards him,” said Bakersfield College Associate Basketball Coach Aaron Chavez.

Michael crossed paths with Bakersfield College basketball coaches Hughes and Chavez in 2011.

Chavez's cousin, the late OSU basketball Asst. Coach Miranda Serna, had reached out, hoping there was a place for Michael, the brother to one of her players.

“So, before Miranda died, she sent him here. She said take care of him, he just needs to get out,” said Chavez.           

Michael went to California and played ball.

“I’ll remember his smile and he was, like if he was 6'8 people would mistake him for Lebron James,” said Hughes.

In 2011 when a plane crashed killing OSU women's basketball coaches and two others, Chavez said Michael comforted him.

“He gave me a big hug and said, ‘Coach, we're going to get through this together.’ Just those things you treasure them and hold them to your soul, not even your heart. It becomes part of your identity,” said Chavez.                

Both coaches said Michael was a protector and weren’t surprised to learn the circumstances of his death.