STILLWATER - Veterinarians at Oklahoma State University are coming to the aid of an injured African tortoise. 

Radar can’t move his back legs after being exposed for too long to a heat lamp.

“It may be an infection of the spinal cord or something affecting the sciatic nerve,” said Dr. Nicola Di Girolamo of Veterinary Clinical Sciences at OSU.

Radar needs to move to eat and survive, so vets have a temporary solution.

He’s duct taped to a skateboard.

“It’s not ideal,” admitted Dr. Di Girolamo, who said they will work on a more permanent solution to help Radar’s movement.

“They think of everything and they’ll try anything,” says Jennie Hays of the Oliver and Friends Farm Sanctuary in Luther.

Radar was brought to Hays, who has worked with OSU vets in the past on complicated cases.

“Makes me feel sad and makes me feel grateful that I can help,” said Hays.

Vets are using other usual ways to help Radar.

His injury makes it hard for the Tortoise to go to the bathroom. So, twice a day Radar is loaded on to the top of the hospital’s industrial strength washing machine in the basement.

Vets said the spin cycle can encourage bowel movements.

Radar will now live at the Oliver and Friends Sanctuary.

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