OKLAHOMA CITY - New rules and regulations are coming for the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority.
The rules include new license categories and doctor regulations.
With these changes, podiatrists can now write patient recommendations.
There's also a new discounted application fee for veterans, taking the price down to just $20
Applications are  available online for the new license categories. Patients and their doctors will now have the options of a 60-day short-term license.
"We're making this change to align with the statues, the legislation that was passed," said OMMA Communication Director Melissa Miller. "It may provide a little more flexibility for physicians if they are interested in a different length of recommendation. But, we are just making these changes to align with the new laws."
On the business side, residents will also have the option to get a stand-alone transporter license. This essentially means someone could create a stand-alone transportation business. Before, only growers, processors or dispensaries could receive a transportation license. Businesses will also have to get transporter agent licenses for employees that are going to transport marijuana.
This could possibly solve a problem News 9 previously reported on, in which two people were transporting medical marijuana legally and still got arrested. 
"We will be issuing them a license that will be an identification card that includes their photo and information so they can have them when they're transporting," said Miller. 
These changes go into effect in the coming weeks, but there's more to come.
Additional licenses involving education and research are still in the works along with seed to sale. 
"We are working on procuring a seed to sale vendor," said Miller. "Once that's in place, which could be in early 2020, businesses will either need to work with that vendor to use their product or have a system that they use that integrates with the seed to sale vendor."
For more information on the changes, head to the OMMA's website