McLOUD, Oklahoma - Isabella Sabas was sentenced as a youthful offender in Pottawatomie County court for the murder of 16-year-old Kaylen Thomas last October. 

Thomas was shot in the head and was found at a McLoud home. Many of the details in the case were never released to the public.

Sabas guilty plea means she will serve time with the Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs in a specialized program. However, should Sabas fail to complete that program, or violate conditions of her sentence, she could spend 30 years in prison.

Family said they've waited a long time for this moment. But hearing the words, “guilty” in court doesn't bring Kaylen Thomas back.

“Everyone knows how amazing Kaylen is, and was. I don't like the word was. There will never be another like her,” said Cynthia Thomas, Kaylen’s mother. “We cared about Bella as though she was a part of the family. We forgive her, but we will never forget.”

If Sabas completes the program and stays clear of trouble, she could be released on probation following an evaluation, according to her defense attorneys.

“If she successfully completes everything that is asked of her, in the next year to year and a half, her case is going to be dismissed and will also be subsequently expunged,” said Defense Attorney Taylor McLawhorn.

“She stayed a Y.O., which is a youthful offender. It's a special class of class in Oklahoma for children between 15 and 18 years old who commit violent acts,” said Pottawatomie County District Attorney Allan Grubb. “I hope the family is satisfied with the result. No amount of time, no amount of anything I can do on earth can bring their family member back to them. This is all I can give them.”

Kaylen's family said she was a friend to Sabas when others weren't. It's that kindness her loved ones and community continue to mourn.

“Not that any of it is easy, but I think it would be easier if it was someone I didn't know,” said Cynthia Thomas.

Family will give their victim impact statements on October 2.