MUSTANG, Oklahoma - Among the survivors of Saturday's deadly mass shooting in West Texas is a couple from Mustang. 

Veteran Bradley Grimsley and his wife, Brenda Grimsley returned to Oklahoma Wednesday.

The couple said they were riding in their car with a relative over the weekend, discussing where to eat, when it all began.

Bradley was driving his car, and Brenda was a passenger, visiting family.

The two said they witnessed a traffic stop on the highway outside Midland.

“He exited his vehicle he had his gun drawn. We heard the pops starting,” Brenda said of the gunman.

The Grimsleys said they witnessed the gunman shoot a trooper.

Before the couple could go back to help the trooper as planned, they saw the shooter drive up behind them.

“He moved over to the fast lane and when he did that, that's when out the corner of my eye, I caught black sticking out the window. I hit my breaks, told them to get down, and at the same time I hit my breaks I got shot,” Bradley said.

A single bullet went through the car door and into Bradley's side.

“It's pretty traumatic, but I’m going to survive,” Bradley said of his injury.

As the gunman continued his massacre into Odessa, what followed for Bradley and Brenda were hours of confusion.

The couple is thankful for the many helpers, law enforcement and all other first responders.

“The emergency responders were excellent in what they did, what I was able to observe. The hospital was prepared,” Bradley said.

The couple said they learned this could happen anywhere at any time.

Thanks to Bradley's military experience, he was able to hit the brakes at just the right moment to avoid a fatal shot. Bradley is a retired Marines Master Sergeant.

“Know where you're at, at all times. Know what your defense line is,” Bradley said.

Back in Mustang Wednesday, the couple began the recovery process.

Bradley’s mobility is severely limited due to his gunshot wound.

Brenda said she plans to attend therapy of some sort to process what she witnessed.

“I could see this man's eyes, the whites of his eyes. I could tell you exactly what color he was wearing. It was just evil that I could see coming out, saying that he was going to take out what he could,” Brenda said of the shooter.

The Grimsleys said they have no current fundraisers and don’t want any donations of any kind.