CLEVELAND COUNTY, Oklahoma - News 9 continues to follow the progress of 7-year-old Haylee Jo Bischel, two months after dogs attacked her in Cleveland County. The sheriff's office is now rallying the community for a poker run in her honor this weekend, demonstrating the connection she and deputies has fostered. 

Haylee Jo still has a long road to recovery, but her growing group of supporters is now hitting the open road to help her along the way.

The 7-year-old is home now, and happy, all things considered.

“Many people could learn a lot from her and her attitude towards facing this challenge,” Sheriff Todd Gibson told me.

In late June, a neighbor's two dogs attacked Haylee Jo, leaving her with extensive injuries across her body, and lots of rehab for months to come. Doctors say her resilience to pull through has been impressive.

In an August interview with News 9, she said, “It makes me feel like I am going to be able to go places again with people, and go swimming.”

The attack didn't just leave her with scars, though. First responders are still feeling the impact, too.

The sheriff explained, “When you see a little girl, a 7-year-old, beautiful little girl suffer this kind of tragedy, you can’t help but be affected yourself.”

Since then, Gibson said, the deputies who helped that day are now healing alongside Haylee, even escorting her when it was time to go back to school.

“Being able to work with her through her recovery, being able to give back in some manner, does help with that psychological impact on the deputies,” Gibson said.

Now, they want to help the family further. The sheriff's office, in partnership with Ride Oklahoma Charities, will host a poker run to raise money, saying it is the least they could do.

The sheriff said the goal is “not only to help her, but to help other entities that are working with her and the family, because it does take a big financial burden.”

The ride starts at the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office operations center in Slaughterville, Sunday Sept. 8. A cookout begins at 11 a.m., with kickstands up at 1 p.m. To learn more about the fundraiser, click here.

To directly help with Haylee’s medical bills, click here.