EL RENO, Oklahoma -
The El Reno school district has a new initiative aimed at helping students that are experiencing trauma or need extra help. 
Administrators along with community partners started the "care closet". The closet is full of donated clothes, shoes and even hygiene products is at the district's junior high. 
"Anything that we can do to put kids in a position that they can learn without worry," explained Supt. Craig McVay. 
The district already has a food pantry, a summer meal program and helped provide free school supplies to students for the 2019-2020 school year. 
 "El Reno strong" is not just a phrase or a word for us, it's a way of life," said Supt. McVay. 
This is the first year for the initiative and students like ones in the life skills class at the junior high helped organize the closet. 
"I joke a lot about tornado alley," said Supt. McVay. "Every time we turn around there's a weather event, but its not really a joke when kids are involved. They are terrified. They are traumatized. You know we had 22 kids that were effected by the [spring] tornado. They need us to be as strong as we can for them and this is part of that effort."
Administrators are asking for gently used or new hoodies for the coming winter months. 
If anyone is intere


sted in donating, email Outreach Director, Brooke Robertson at brobertson@elrenops.org, or Kara Watts kwatts@elrenops.org.