LOGAN COUNTY, Oklahoma - After nearly six hours of deliberation, the judge ended up sentencing Nathan LeForce to life in prison without the possibility of parole after a hung jury.

The family of Logan County deputy David Wade did not expect that verdict and said they felt the jury would choose the death penalty.

In closing arguments, the defense asked to jury to choose a verdict out of love and not hate. They were hoping they would find it in their hearts to let LeForce live.

But, on the other hand, the state urged the jury to remember what happened on April 18, 2017, and put blame where blame is due.

As people filed back into the courtroom hours later, awaiting the jury’s verdict, they were let down. Turns out that the just couldn’t reach a unanimous, so that left the decision up to the judge. He chose to sentence LeForce to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

LeForce’s family was grateful and relieved, and his defense counts that as a win.

“We really believe that Nathan will try to redeem himself and use his life for good,” said Gretchen Mosley, LeForce’s defense.

“The sentence was not what we expected,” said Jamie Alexander, Wade’s cousin.

The state, family, friends and colleagues of Wade felt blindsided by the decision.

“We don’t understand how the vicious and intentional murder of a law enforcement officer doesn’t warrant the death penalty,” said Alexander.

“The murder of law enforcement is becoming more and more prevalent, and sadly, the people’s actions that are doing aren’t being held accountable,” said Logan County Sheriff Damon Deveraux.

However, they respected that the jury has spoken.

“The truth is that David’s death was cruel and completely unnecessary,” said Alexander. “He was murdered by an individual acting out of hate.”

When News 9 asked the Logan County sheriff if he felt he could forgive LeForce for what he did more than two years ago, he said he hopes he could one day, but today was not that day.

The formal sentencing for LeForce will be on September 20. The state has asked the victim impact statements be read in full.